Luxury automotive manufacturer Land Rover and award winning luxury tour and safari operator, Platinum Heritage, have teamed up to offer adventure seekers in the United Arab Emirates unique luxury desert safari experiences.

    As the ‘Official Adventure Partner of Platinum Heritage’, Land Rover’s outstanding off-road capabilities and long standing history with the UAE are a perfect fit for the exceptional experiences offered by Platinum Heritage. Building on the collection of Series I and Series II Land Rovers which Platinum Heritage uses as part of its unique ‘Heritage Collection’ experiences, six new Range Rover vehicles are now joining the Platinum Heritage fleet as part of the ‘Platinum Collection’ luxury experiences across the stunning and private UAE desert retreat.

    Showcasing the incredible natural landscape of the UAE while delving into the rich heritage of Emirati and Bedouin traditions, the ‘Platinum Collection’ desert safari experience will give guests a luxury safari with Range Rover’s unmatched all-terrain capabilities, including a Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and Royal family members private desert retreat. As part of the desert safari experience, guests enjoy exclusive fine dining, nestled around a small oasis with cuisine prepared by an onsite Chef.

    Commenting on the news, Bruce Robertson, Managing Director at Jaguar Land Rover MENA, said: “We are incredibly proud of Land Rover’s strong ties to the United Arab Emirates and we are eager to see our Range Rover vehicles play an active role in bringing the rich Emirati heritage and culture to life alongside Platinum Heritage. We are always looking for new ways to celebrate this region’s history, and are excited to share a strong understanding and respect for this land with our new partners. Built, engineered and tested for this region, our Range Rover vehicles will enable adventurers of the ‘Platinum Collection’ desert experiences to enjoy a first-class seat as we spot native wildlife across the UAE desert.”

    Bassam Chamoun, Director of Operations at Platinum Heritage, said: “With our range of prestigious tours and desert safaris, we have a reputation for being the best to cater to truly discerning travellers who expect the highest level of personalisation, service and attention to detail. Teaming up with one of the leading luxury automotive manufacturers is the perfect next step and we are delighted to have Land Rover as a partner for our ‘Platinum Collection’ desert safari experience. We are dedicated to continue offering guests incredible adventures in the unexplored beautiful landscapes of the UAE.”

    Starting from AED 495 per person, the ‘Platinum Collection’ experience is fully customisable according to guests’ preferences. Dubai Desert Safaris can be booked online through the Platinum Heritage website or via phone enquiries on 04 388 4044.